Free Essential Minerals...A new giveaway every month...Together, we can make a huge difference in your friend's life...Just click on this banner...Free Essential Minerals...A new giveaway every month...Together, we can make a huge difference in your friend's life...Just click on this banner.

Hi, welcome to DocsDrops.

Ever heard of Dr. Joel Wallach? Well, he's the guy in the picture at the bottom of the Oxibody bottle. He is an amazing man.

This website is dedicated to him and the many sacrifices he has made for us.

"Us"?? You are probably wondering who the "us" is that Dr. Wallach has made these sacrifices for. We are the people that have gone most of our lives living and dying on the word of our doctors: people who we thought had the keys to our health.

First of all, please take a moment to bookmark this website. You found your way here because something in your life is not working. It's gonna take more than one visit to get you back on the rails, so bookmark us now.

What you won't find on this website: us giving you medical advice: we let Dr. Wallach do that, and you will find that he does it most credibly.

Gosh, now to get you started... So much to tell you about Dr. Wallach... We have a number of videos below featuring Dr. Wallach advising on various diseases. Why don't you scroll down and find one that interests you. You'll pick up interesting tidbits about his life along the way.

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Doc's Drops
Did you know that one of the best antioxidants you can take is food-grade 35% hydrogen peroxide? A few drops in a glass of water...AAGHH!!! Tastes like a glassfull of bleach!! (Bet you won't do that more than once!)

Dr. Wallach has here for you a great-tasting, yet Powerful drink:
Majestic Earth Oxybody™ Cherry Berry is an oxygen-saturated nutritional product that combines powerful vitamins, minerals and botanicals in a base of pure, oxygen-saturated aloe vera juice. SUGGESTED USE: One to two ounces on an empty stomach. One ounce contains the equivalent of 25 drops of food grade Hydrogen Peroxide derived from a combination of Magnesium Peroxide and Pure Anaerocidal Oxygen. WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking medications, consult your health care professional before using this product. If taking MAO inhibitors, consult your physician before using this or any product containing Gingko Biloba. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN.

I know: there's a lot here. (FYI: Between Dr. Wallach and Dr. Peter Glidden, there are over a hundred videos on youtube.) You can take a break any time you want: just click on the screen to pause any video. If you remember the position of the red band at the bottom of the screen, or the elapsed time, you can come back to that exact spot later.
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